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Mountain Horse

In 1988, Mountain Horse founder Lars Sjöswärd created the world’s first winter-lined equestrian riding boots – the Winter Rider, the hybrid riding shoes – Easy Rider and the well-ventilated and cozy Rocky Mountain riding jacket, all with his young daughter Catherina in mind.  

Lars wanted Catherina to be warm and comfortable while riding during Sweden’s harsh winters. 30 years later, Mountain Horse products are sold in 35 countries around the world. The company is still based on the same solid foundation as it was 30 years ago with fashion, function, comfort, durability, safety and innovation as its trademark features.

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A family philosophy

Many things have changed over the 30 years that Mountain Horse has been outfitting equestrian around the world, but there’s also a lot that has remained the same. The company’s head office is still on the original family farm, in the village of Vallda in Halland, Sweden. The entire family is involved in the business, still believing in the same philosophy – footwear and clothing must be stylish, of very high quality and yet practical.

What has changed over the years are riders’ needs and requirements. Today’s customers are much more knowledgeable than they were when the business first started, which suits Mountain Horse well.

Innovation in mind

Every year Mountain Horse introduces two new collections, one in the spring and one in the autumn. Each season’s collection includes a number of innovations in the form of built-in safety features, smart design solutions and new, functional materials for clothing, outerwear, boots and accessories.
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Our employees are the reason for our success

Another key factor in Mountain Horses success is the innovative influence of the staff. “I must give full credit to our employees. We’ve led the way in product development in the sector on many occasions because of their ideas and foresight.” says Bertil Sjöswärd, who has been CEO of Mountain Horse since 2000. All design work is still done in house. “In the equestrian business you must be ahead of the game, an innovator, and making the right investments. We’re always working on new ideas and with the latest design technology and we’re in constant contact with leading trendsetters all over the world,” says Bertil Sjöswärd.
Lars Sjöswärd, founder and cultural leader, has been the brand driver and product visionary throughout the company’s history. His passion for horses and riding life in general, combined with his entrepreneurial business skill and experience in the Far East, laid the groundwork for the immediate success of the Mountain Horse brand.
shoe industry. Bertil introduced comfortable insoles and technical details to the Mountain Horse footwear line never before seen in the equestrian market. Bertil is now acting CEO and runs the day-to-day business.
Lars’ daughter Catherina began riding at a very young age and was her father’s inspiration for starting the company. Together, Lars and Catherina continue to develop clothing and footwear designed only for riders. Today, Catherina is Strategic Brand Manager for Mountain Horse.
Youngest son Rolf joined the family company after completing studies in both the USA and Sweden and has had part of his training in China. Rolf now supervises all footwear development, bringing the latest innovations and technology to an ever-growing and demanding equestrian marketplace. Rolf is the founder of the patented SCS3 System.

Passion meets fashion

Today, 25 determined and ambitious coworkers move Mountain Horse forward toward new goals and objectives, distributing products in the United States, Canada and to 35 other countries worldwide. Mountain Horse’s vision remains focused on performance, fashion, and function. Their passion for their products is matched only by their love for equestrian sports.

Mountain Horse® products are distributed exclusively by EnglishRidingSupply.com in the USA.

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