Tiana Coudray

Tiana Coudray


3-Day Eventing


Ojai, California; currently living in Hungerford, UK


Ringwood Magister (Finian), 15 year old Irish Sport Horse - 4-star
Sambuca F (Sambuca), 10 year old 2-star
Aloha (Halo), 11 year old – 3star
G (Rupert), 5 year old- BYEH
Hanna, 4 year old – BYEH

Awards and Honors

America's favorite equestrian 2011; Winner Lionel Guerrand-Hermes trophy 2010; Three time USEA Young Rider of the Year.

Why Eventing

It combines everything I love. As a former dancer, I find dressage like a performance, requiring timing, rhythm, and grace. There's nothing better than galloping a good horse across country at big, scary fences and trusting in your partnership with that horse to get you to the finish! And for me, there's no bigger adrenaline rush than just before show jumping when you know you have to jump a clear round and it's all on the line!

Heroes and idols

I have many. Anyone who takes the good and the bad of this sport with grace and a smile is commendable. It is the people who have lent me a bit of advice and a helping hand who I most respect. I hope to always remember their generosity as well as their skill.


Tiana #1 Tiana #2 Tiana #3



I have many specific goals with each of my horses but as I am a bit superstitious, let’s just say I hope to produce each horse to their full potential. Whether that’s going Pre Novice or winning a gold medal.

About Tiana

A serious Irish Dancer for 10 years until age 15, competing around the world in World Championships, Tiana's equestrian career didn't take off until 2003 when she purchased her first equine partner King Street, aka "Danny", who would eventually take her to Rolex. In 2004 and 2008, Tiana's Young Rider Team won gold at the North American Young Rider Championships, with Tiana also winning an individual silver medal in '04. She was named USEA Young Rider of the Year an unprecedented three times in '05, '07, and '09. In 2010 Tiana's Jersey Fresh CCI3* win garnered her The Markham Trophy in Eventing, and she also won the prestigious Gladstone National Open Challenge Award and she and Finian led the American team to a 2nd place finish in the Nations Cup at Boekelo CCI3* in Holland. In 2011, Tiana was presented the Lionel Guerrand-Hermes Trophy, an award that's presented to a Young Rider in one of the Olympic disciplines who exemplifies both sportsmanship and horsemanship and to finish out the year, was named America's Favorite Equestrian for Eventing. Member of the 2012 U.S. Olympic Eventing Team.

Member of the 2012 U.S. Olympic Eventing Team.

My "can't live without" Mountain Horse product

Living in England without an indoor arena, I regularly put my Mountain Horse gear to the test. I tend to have more of a "can't live without" ensemble...my Winnipeg Jacket is super cozy and flattering and my "Polar Breeches" have literally saved my butt. Add to that my favorite Mountain Horse winter boots, and I'm "Mountain Horse" from top to bottom!

Non-Equestrian Accomplishments

I was ranked 8th in the World for Irish Dancing!

Something you might not know about Tiana

I love cooking and have been known to do a bit of sewing, but usually just horse blankets and bandages! I have also never competed a horse that I didn't braid myself. Even at the Olympics, I just couldn't give up control!

Memorable sporting achievement

2012 U.S. Olympic Eventing Team member; 10th Aachen CICO3*, 17th Badminton CCI4* 2013, 25th Badminton CCI4*2014, 2nd Blenheim Palace International CCI3*, winner Jersey Fresh CCI3* 2010; winner Galway Downs CIC3* 2007 and 2010.

Whacky superstitions or traditions

I hate testing fate... I will never say a horse is going to go well, or really sound, or that I'm going to a certain event. I always have to preface it with "I hope", or "I think maybe, possibly, if the stars line up, if we're on form...". I am a reporter’s worst nightmare as I hate putting things in print and doing interviews about upcoming events! No matter how confidant I might be about something, I don’t like to say it out loud.

Tiana has been proudly sponsored by Mountain Horse since 2006.

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