Mountain Horse Technical Guide


Comfotech fabric is designed to keep you dry while riding. Highly breath­ able fabric effectively transports perspiration away from the skin to the outside keeping the body dry.



A soft and comfortable lightweight breathable material. Keeps you dry and cool even during strenuous activities. Moisture is transported out through special channels in the material and rapidly evaporates, providing a com­ fortable cooling effect. Coolmax® garments are easy to wash, dry quickly and do not shrink.


This garment guarantees you a minimum of 80% down and 20% feathers for optimal warmth. A high quality 4­layer construction encases the down in 2 inner layers preventing it from escaping through the seams while at the same time protecting it from outside moisture.



Enjoy a waterproof and breathing system for clothing and footwear. Independent temperature comfort is a high-tech innovation, created for active all round wearing.


Lycra® is a registered trademark of Invista for premium stretch fibers and fabrics guaranteeing longlasting fit and durable protection.



Reliable, comfortable and versatile in varying weather conditions. Mountain Horse soft shells combine the reliable protection of a shell membrane with the soft comfort of a fleece midlayer – in one garment! Our membrane stops the wind, repels water and keeps you warm while at the same time allowing moisture to escape so you stay dry and don’t over­


Protective Water Resistant Technology guarantees that the garment is water resistant with critical seams taped to keep you dry and has a built­in ventilation system for your riding comfort.




RSQ stands for Riding Safety Qualified. Products labelled RSQ are specially selected products in our collection which meet our strict requirements for safety or protection.


Scotchlite™ reflective material makes you more visible in the dark. It reflects back the light source from vehicle lights etc and projects a clear and bright reflection that drivers can spot more easily from further away. Consequently, they have more time to react.



Durable stretch imitation leather with lengthwise stretch offers optimal fit and comfort for the rider. Machine washable.


The original “heating without heavy insulation” is still the warmest and thinnest insulation material on the market. It delivers almost 1.5 times more heat than down and other heat­retaining materials. The material is breathable, moisture­wicking and suit able for machine washing or dry­ cleaning. Retains heat even in damp conditions.



Our unique 2,5 layer fabric construction combines breathability and durable wind and waterproofness with minimum weight and pack volume. The outer fabric is a durable nylon or polyester covered on the inside by a breathable and waterproof membrane. Protecting this membrane is a thin printed pattern, giving light protection against wear from the inside. Products made from this fabric are the ultimate lightweight companion for any rider on the go!


WPS Advanced standard is your guarantee that the fabric is both water­ proof and breathable with fully taped seams maintaining a minimum performance level of waterproofness (ISO 811:1981) 5000 g/m2/24 hrs and breathability (ISO 11092) 5000 mm. This garment withstand continuous heavy rain and wind.



WPS All Purpose standard is your guarantee that the fabric is both water­ proof and breathable with fully taped seams maintaining a minimum performance level of waterproofness (ISO 811:1981) 2000 g/m2/24 hrs and breathability (ISO 11092) 4000 mm. This garment withstand heavy rain and wind.


The white WPS Comfort label shows that the garment is windproof and waterproof . The material has a PU 2000 coating on the inside and all exposed seams are taped. Garments with WPS Comfort are produced to withstand wind and light rain.


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