Mountain Horse® Rimfrost III Paddock

Product Code: Rimfrost III Paddock
Retail Price: $99.95
308000 | $99.95 | Ladies Regular Calf 6-11
308007 | $99.95 | Men's 9-12

Material: Duralon™/Extensia
Insulation: 200g Thermolite®
Color: Black

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308000 | $99.95 | Ladies Regular
Calf 5-11

308007 | $99.95 | Men's 9-12
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Mountain Horse® Rimfrost III Paddock

Now upgraded to include the Extensia foot part which has been tested to withstand one million flexes in 14°F weather. Heat-insulating Thermolite® lining will keep feet warm while the waterproof construction keeps them dry up to the first eyelet. Built in steel shank for increased stability. Fabric: Duralon™/Hydrotech™. Insulation: 200g Thermolite®

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